STEP DEVELOPMENT is wholly indigenous outfit that is fully engaged in the construction of buildings. Civil Engineering works and allied engineering services such as designs and construction of water treatment plants, boreholes and property maintenance.

The company started full operations in 1994 with the aim of reaching out to people by discharging professional expertise in construction engineering. In 1996, the company was fully incorporated as

In view of the challenges in the industry, new ideas and technological advancement, the company was spurred on to offering Solution To Engineering Problems (STEP), where the name of the company originated.

Efficiency and customer satisfaction remain the hallmark of Step Development operations. The company does not only construct new projects, it as well maintains existing properties especially where solutions to Engineering problems are required.

To achieve optimum professionalism, quality and speed of execution, the company engages the services of suitably qualified and experienced professionals in its various lines of operation in order to build the company of our dreams.

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